E-mail etiquette rules and tips for business and life The 5 most important ones everyone should memorize and start using now when sending emails to communicate in a business environment.

on May 9, 2011
(1 minute read)

There are many rules when it comes to using emails to effectively communicate in a business environment with peers and clients. Such as not typing everything in upper case, having a useful signature that includes several ways to contact you, being polite and thankful…

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From all the rules and protocols that exist in online communications, here are the 5 most important ones everyone should memorize and start using now. Share this article with your co-workers and start saving everyone’s time and hassle.

Download the ready-to-print 5 rules to e-mail etiquette here:

The 5 rules to email etiquette (PDF, 1MB)

The 5 rules to email etiquette

  1. Keep it short
  2. Reply to all
  3. Descriptive subjects
  4. Searchable emails
  5. Keep it organized

Keep it short

Easy to read, short and clear. Shrink sentences and list items. Save everyone’s time by linking to the resources instead of leaving everyone to find them individually.

Reply to All

Always Reply to all by default. The most common mistake amongst teams is lack of communication. Check that everyone relevant is included. Carbon Copy those who don’t need to take action.

Descriptive subject

The subject of an email describes its content and attachments in a short sentence.

Searchable emails

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How will you be able to find this email after a month? Think about which keywords you would search and include them.

Keep it organized

If there is already a related email, reply to it. If it has a different subject create a new one.

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One comment

  • Toxx says:

    It’s both funny and useful ha ha ha. thank’s for making it, I have one of these on my office wall now.

    I would also add ‘Reply always in less than 24 hours’

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