Free stuff Special links to get free stuff and upgrades from the best online companies around

Here’s a list of cool products and companies that I use myself and recommend greatly, I’ve tried to add promotional links that give you free extra stuff and discounts when signing up.

Dropbox Backup your files

Get 500MB extra free! Great way to backup your files for free and without having to do anything, it just syncs whenever you add or modify anything in the Dropbox folder. If you are still not using Dropbox then you should definitely do, it is free. Use this link to get 500MB extra added to the default 2GB for free.

DigitalOcean web server

2 months of free hosting! Very cheap and powerful web servers. I have this website (xaviesteve.com) and many more hosted here and it is just amazing. Great speed and performance at a tiny price. Using this link you get 2 months of free hosting for free so you can test it out.

Bonus: get SnappShooter for free daily backups of your DigitalOcean server.

Namesilo web domain

Free whois privacy and domain transfer! I had been using many different domain registrars to buy my domain names and they were annoying and confusing. It used to be time consuming to set everything up and they also sent you tons of spam and tried to sell you garbage services. NameSilo has a clean and clear interface and they don’t try to sell you anything. They also have the brand new domain names such as “.rocks”, “.pro”, “.engineering”, “.fitness”, etc. Also, transferring a domain from another registrar is free. Check them out here.

Airbnb hotel acommodation

30€ off your first booking! Link

Amazon online shop

Buy anything online at a great price! Link

Mention reputation tool

Get notified when someone mentions you on the web! Link

TransferWise international money transfers

Free 3,000€ international bank transaction! If you ever need to transfer money to a different country, commissions are incredibly expensive. TransferWise does a cool thing which is to do two same-country transactions instead of an international one (you send money to a bank in country A, and a bank at country B sends you the money to your bank account in country B). The fees are minimal, I’ve been using them since I moved to United Kingdom to move money around and it is great and fast. Using this link you get to do a 3,000€ transfer for free.

Coinbase buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum

Do you want to buy cryptocoins?

Coinbase: Use this link to get 10€ for free

Binance: This one gives 50% commission

N26 online banking

The best online banking I’ve found, the App is great (they also have webapp!) and Google Pay/NFC, everything free (except for sending you the debit card unless you get it for free with this link).

More good stuff

Get 30 minutes of free driving with eCooltra using the code mxnbg.