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I am currently busy but consider new projects.
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For questions about articles in my blog please leave a comment in the article itself so other readers can benefit from it too. I read all emails but can't reply back to everyone, specially job offers. Keeping your emails short is greatly appreciated. Please do not use Facebook, LinkedIn, Behance or other networks to message me, I've got PM notifications off and rarely read them. Thank you!

A note to recruiters

I appreciate your emails, a lot, you provide people with jobs and that is a beautiful thing, you have given me some of the best experiences I've had and thanks to you I got the chance to meet amazing people and work at great companies. Right now, I receive many job offers daily. I read all of them, I'll gladly connect with you on LinkedIn and, although I've tried, I can't reply to all of you so please if I don't get back to you: Thank you so much, but right now I am happy at my current job.

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