jQuery-JavaScript: Basic Cheat Sheet for Beginners

on December 20, 2009
(0 minute read)


Check if element exists

if ($('#infobox').length) { /*exists, do things here*/ }

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Change attribute

$('#name').attr('title', 'Hello!');

Change content of a container

$('#main').html('<p>Lorem ipsum</p>');

Change page title

document.title = 'Hello!';

Add content before/after

$('table>tbody>tr:last').after('<tr><td>This is now the last row.</td></tr>');


Add or remove classes


Check if element has class

if ($('#main').hasClass('green')) { }


GET with parameters

$.get("page.php", { action: "edit", id: 38 },


Do something with every matching element

  function (intIndex) {
    /* Modify all table rows */


Check if even or odd

if ($id % 2) { /*even*/ }else{ /*odd*/ }

Force string to integer


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Filter words, numbers or symbols

$(this).attr('id').replace(/[^0-9]+/, '');


setInterval(timer1s, 1000);
function timer1s() { /*run this every second*/ }

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