Sublime Text 2 Cheat Sheet

on October 31, 2012
(1 minute read)’s a cheat sheet for the awesome Sublime Text 2 code editor with my most used key shortcuts and tricks:

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If this is the first time you hear about Sublime then check out my 15 minute tutorial to setup Sublime Text 2, you will never go back to your old code editor :)

Multi Cursors

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Multiple cursors is one of the best features of Sublime.

  • Control+D to select the next occurence of the current selection.
  • Control+Click to place an extra cursor


  • Control+H: Find and replace
  • Control+Shift+F: Find text in project files
  • Control+P: Find file in the project


Always forget to use them but have seen Mark (the back-end developer in my team) using it and it is a workflow game-changing:

  • Control+F2: Add/Remove bookmarks
  • Shift+F2: Jump to next bookmark


  • Control+’: show the console
  • Control+Shift+P: Find and run all commands in Sublime (some cool commands are “Convert spaces to tabs” to clean up files as well as the use of Sublime Snippets)
  • Control+K and then Control+B to show or hide the sidebar
  • Control+/ to comment the selected lines (inline mode)
  • Control+Shift+/ to comment the selected lines (block mode)
  • Control+Shift+T to reopen a recently closed tab

Useful plugins

Zen Coding

  • Control+Alt+Enter: Enter a CSS haiku

All Autocomplete

  • Control+P, then type the name of a file and then
    • : to go to a specific line
    • @ to list and search all the available functions, variables, methods, classes, etc. in that file
    • # to list and search any text in the file

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