Send and Receive emails from your company’s account directly in Gmail

on November 16, 2011
(4 minute read)

If you have set up a new website or a company and want to send and receive emails with your company’s email address but don’t want to have multiple inboxes (specially when you manage more than 5 different email accounts) the best way to do it is to redirect all your emails to the same email account. And thanks to the power of Google Mail or Gmail you can manage unlimited accounts effortlessly and send and receive emails from different accounts easily into one inbox. Follow these two step-by-step guides to set up receiving and sending:

Receiving emails from your website to your email

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Go to your website’s cPanel (if you don’t know what cPanel is then send this website to your web developer to do this for you) and click on Forwarding:

Then click on Add Forwarder:

Now fill in your email account name (what goes before the @ symbol) and select the domain you want to use, then forward it to your Gmail account like in the image:

Click on Add Forwarder and a success message will appear. You can now close cPanel. You must wait for a few minutes or even a few hours for the mail server to update and spread your new email account before it forwards emails correctly and you start receiving them.

Sending emails from your company’s email address

First of all make sure that emails sent to your company’s email address are successfully forwarded to your Gmail account, try sending a test email now and look in your Gmail account for the message to arrive. Once you open the message you should see your company’s email address in the To: field as in this screenshot:

If you are not receiving them then wait a few hours and try again later or check the Spam folder in case it went there.

Once you are receiving the emails you can set Gmail up to start sending emails with your company’s email address:

Go to the top right corner of Gmail and click Options > Mail settings:

The Settings page will open, click on Accounts and Import:

Now keep scrolling down until you see a Send email as section and a link to Add another email address you own, click that:

A popup window will open, on this step you need to fill in the name that will show when people receive an email from your company’s address and your company’s email address, then click on Next Step:

The easy and quick way now is to select Send through Gmail and click Next Step. If you want to send it through the SMTP servers of your company you will need to find them out asking your web developer or IT company. For HostGator accounts have a look at the Email client settings.

The next steps are pretty straight forward, a confirmation email will be sent to the company email address (which will be forwarded to your Gmail account), open it and click on the activation link to authorize Gmail to send emails as the company’s address.

Now, when writing a new email or replying to one, there will be a From: dropdown from which you will be able to choose the account to use:

Organizing your inbox

Once you start using multiple email accounts in the same inbox things may start to get unorganised. To solve this you can create tags. Go to your Gmail and go to Mail settings again (at the top right), then select the Filters tab and click Create a new filter and type in your company’s email address there and click Create filter with this search:

In this step select Apply label and create a new label:

You are done! Now, every time you receive an email to the company’s email address a label will appear next to the subject, you can customize the colour of the label and rename it to whatever you want.

In your inbox sidebar you will be able to filter messages sent only to that email address. Find below my own inbox, I have more than 10 email accounts configured and all of them have a different Label so that I keep everything organised:

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If you have any questions or anything is unclear let me know in the comments section below and I will do my best to help you.

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