Plants Vs Zombies – Money Cheat with 9 Slots at Last Stand mini-game

on October 11, 2010
(1 minute read)

This is my strategy for earning tons of money in Plants Vs Zombies if you only have 9 slots. You need to have finished the Adventure mode and at least 13 mini-games to play Last Stand mini-game.


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Stage 1 should look like this, 50 suns remaining. At Stage 2 save suns to rebuild new garlics and Wall-nuts.

Plant collection setup (for 9 slots)

Stage 3



  • Stage 1: 1,420
  • Stage 2: 1,440
  • Stage 3: 1,210
  • TOTAL: 4,070

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This is from the first record although I’ve gathered up to 6,000.

This tactic is optimized for players with 9 slots. If you have 10 slots look for a better tactic since you will be able to have Pumpkins which will help a lot to get to the next stages.

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  • Strathos says:

    Very useful! thanks

  • cwxwwwxdfvwwxwx says:

    well, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ;)

  • GeneralScott says:

    This is a bit outdated. It was made for Trem 1.1, but 1.2 beta is the current edition. Its still good though, but maras are actually stronger than goons for killing players.

  • Voss says:

    In 1.2 Larmour saved my ass TONS of times. Luci costs 600, the prices for Flamer and Prifle are 450 and 400 respectively. Pretty sure helm costs 90…

    The credit/evo system is NOT fixed. It’s based on A) how much dmg you did. B) the size of the opponent. I.E.: get more credits killing rant than dretch. For aliens, killing unprotected human gets less evos than killing luci/bsuit combo.

  • rupert says:

    This was posted 2 years ago and a lot of things have changed to Trem right now (2 years ago killing a dretch or a rant gave you the same credits).
    U guys should read the title: “how to play DECENTLY” and “in 5 minutes”
    This is a guide for newbies so the writer obviates some details to avoid complicating stuff (a newbie w/ a jetpack will only be a camper or a feeder)
    So now go write your 2k page guide for pro’s like you… but I use to send newbies to this article so they learn the differences between Trem and Halo, CoD or any other FPS and it helps them a lot (it’s out of date but the main idea is there)

  • Mike says:

    Hey, nice intro to new players that don’t want to spend 1 hour reading a boring tutorial. Thanks dude

  • Xavi Author says:

    Glad it helps guys! :)

    As I said in the post, this is meant to give a general idea. Every pro player will have different tactics to approach the same situations but I just compiled what I thought it was the most feasible and effective ways for new tremfans to succeed in this game.

    I’ve been retired from Trem for 2 years now and I admire this game, pitty my life doesn’t give me enough free time to enjoy it plenty.
    Things have changed for good, the game was really unbalanced and I even learned to code C and recompile the source code to reprogram Trem and balance it with the help of other admins (specially at TremSpain server, cheers guys, I’ll never forget such great times discussing geeky Trem stuff). Glad 1.2 finally came out, we have been waiting for it such a long time…

    Thing is that I am not as involved as I once was and I don’t read the forums as often as I did so I don’t really know what has changed, understand this when reading the post, it was written in Sep 2008, quite close to my retirement.

    Anyway, enjoy the post and Tremulous.
    It’s the best FPS+Real time Strategy game I’ve ever played!!!

    Cheers from TheLuciferSausage, <<<BAM>>> and many other nicknames I’ve had.

  • Toxx says:

    this helped understand the game! thxxx

  • lamejake says:

    Nice guide! I am a little weird. I can’t play basilisk, dragoon or tyrant but I am best at dretch and pretty good at marauder.

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