Agile SCRUM Google Spreadsheet template for freelancers A free, simple and powerful spreadsheet ready to use that will help you manage your projects using a professional Agile SCRUM methodology.

on July 20, 2010
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As a full-time freelancer and a passionate in GTD it’s been a while since I started reading about how to optimize my time while providing my best services.

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Some time ago I watched Hamids’ video explaining SCRUM in 10 minutes and I got inspired in creating something simple but really useful. I could use a cloud service or even code a web-based app or some software but Google Spreadsheets was enough powerful to create something nice and I was also able to share it publicly in a very easy way.

Update This article is from July 2010 and I’ve iterated my workflow quite a bit. As of December 2014 I’m using Trello + Agile SCRUM for Trello boards which is awesomely productive.

What is Agile SCRUM?

The video is really inspiring for all those people like me that try to get its productivity to the next level and hadn’t heard about -or where reluctant to adopt- such a professional project management method for simple solo or very small team projects.

Considering the methodology of SCRUM I’ve designed a Google Spreadsheet for freelancers or small teams ready to use. It is very basic but gives you an overall idea and accuracy in a fast and simple way on how the project is evolving during its process.

Simple Agile SCRUM template for freelancers

How to use the Spreadsheet

  1. Fill in the name or description of the tasks in the first column.
  2. On the second column to the right, estimate the hours needed for each task in total (among all days).
  3. Fill in the daily calendar with the initial estimated hours you will dedicate to each task every day. These are just initial estimates, once you start the burnout you can correct them. This way you will see how accurate you where while planning and will help you estimate better on the next project.
  4. Now estimate your burnout by filling the cells in the Estimate your burnout row This should represent the amount of hours you dedicate each day to the project.
  5. Change the numbers at the top row to your own dates.

You should only edit the cells in white (the ones without a formula in it). Some columns and rows are hidden to fit the screen of a laptop, if you need more space just unhide them.


Follow the link to see the Spreadsheet and go to File > Make a copy to be able to edit it:Agile SCRUM Project Management Google Spreadsheets

Learning the Art of Agile Development

If you are interested in learning more about Agile techniques I encourage you to read The Art of Agile Development from James Shore and Shane Warden, it presents all the concepts and ideas needed to start putting Agile into practice.


4 Apr 2017

  • Updated link to the spreadsheet

28 Sep 2011

  • Fixed an error that ignored the first row hours in the total time

4 Feb 2011 – Version 2.1

  • Fixed Time (left) from being negative @Shannon

25 Nov 2010 – Version 2

Thanks to all your feedback guys! I have rewritten the whole spreadsheet to improve it with the feedback from the community (both by posting in the comments or by email) and other minor fixes:

  • Improved UI
  • Added Real Time Spent (to differentiate between estimated time and extra time spent). Suggested by @Mike
  • Updated graphic to the new version of Charts (this may help in exporting the spreadsheet to Excel) @Jai
  • Calendar is flexible now (starting from Day 1)
  • Calendar extended (unhide columns to view them)
  • Task list extended (unhide rows to view them)
  • Conditional coloring to improve UX

Instructions, feedback, requests and support

Have some ideas? Feedback welcome! If you wish to add some modifications or come up with an improved design please let me know and I’ll update the Agile SCRUM Google Spreadsheet.

Photo by Alan Dayley

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