Agile SCRUM for Trello boards Super-charge Trello with Agile Scrum Project Management: Story Points, Progress bars, Header titles, labels and many more with this free Chrome extension.

on December 10, 2014
(5 minute read)

Agile SCRUM for Trello boards is a Chrome extension that gives your Trello boards Agile SCRUM features.

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It’s been a while that I’ve been using Trello as my project management tool, being a Freelancer I found most tools to be overcomplicated and with too many features. Trello is at the sweet spot, provides simplicity and ease of use but with the features that most freelancers and small teams and startups need on a day-to-day basis. With this extension I’ve made it possible to add those extra features needed to run an Agile Scrum methodology with a simple design and avoiding unnecessary features or complicated setups. You can find the extension here for Chrome and Firefox. If you don’t have Trello, sign up for free here.

Feature list

  • Story Points: Set Story Points for Trello Cards
  • Effort completed: Set time spent on tasks and remaining to check if your team is still on track.
  • Tags/Categories/Labels: Group Cards into tags, User Stories or projects, these are colored automagically to save you time.
  • Progress Bars: Visualize your Sprint progress instantly with unobstrusive background progress bars on both cards and lists.
  • Header Separators: Use header separators to group cards inside lists.
  • Variable font size: Cards with more Story Points have a slightly increased font size so you can distinguish bigger from smaller tasks at a glance.


Add Story Points to a card by typing the number in parenthesis:
(3) Design new homepage header

Track time spent on each card:
(1/3) Design new homepage header

Add a Tag to a card by writing it in square brackets:
[dev] Implement Ads in footer

Create a Header Separator by creating a new card with three asterisks at the start and end:
*** Sprint 3 ***

You can add as many tags as needed. Tags will be colored automatically in a random color.

Both Story Points and Tags can be defined anywhere in the card’s text, it’s usually best to add them at the start so it’s easier to read.

At the top right of the Lists and Cards you can see how many story points have been completed and how many there are in total.

Installation and Setup

To start using Agile Scrum in Trello install the extension from the Google Store (or Firefox) and open any Trello board (reload the page if you are already in it).

Install Agile SCRUM for Trello

There’s nothing to set up and it’s one of the main reasons I developed this extension. I want it to work straight away. When you create a tag in a card the extension will pick a color and automatically colorize the tag.


If a team member doesn’t have the ‘Agile SCRUM for Trello boards’ extension installed he will still see be able to see Story Points and Projects as well as modify them (he won’t see colors or progress bars). You can install/uninstall the extension at any time without loosing any data too.

It’s the fastest and with the best performance of all similar extensions and at simply 2KB of code, a seamless extension to have installed, even for slow computers or for those users who want Chrome to work fast and are concerned on having too many extensions, this extension has such a tiny footprint that goes unnoticeable.

In my opinion, using Trello as a solo freelancer, in a startup environment or in an up to 8 people team makes a lot of sense, the ease of use is amazing. The only scenario I wouldn’t use it is when you’ve got quite a complex business structure. For example, you’ve got several people in the team working in many teams and stakeholders somewhere wanting to get nice weekly reports. For everything else, it is absolutely great.


Agile SCRUM for Trello is Open Source, want to contribute and make it better? Here’s the GitHub repository.


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  • Jesus says:

    Just awesome! Thank you for your work Xavi!!!

  • Bill says:

    Xavi this is great – do you have this on github? Would like to suggest two changes:
    1. options to enable/disable features, like “turn off text size increase”
    2. list titles are being hidden underneath the element that displays completion/estimate numbers in list header – any way to handle this?

  • George says:

    This is awesome mate. Thanks for keeping it nice and simple.

  • Etienne says:

    Thanks Xavi for this great extension !
    I’ve just a problem : I can see the story points and efforts completed for the cards, but not for the list, except if I create a separator as first card of the list. If I do that, I can see the counters both for the list and the first card (separator), so it’s unreadable.

  • Noel says:

    Do you have the plugin on github?

  • Fran says:

    Xavi, nice work! May I ask you a new feature? List of documents attached in a board (with link)…

  • Xavi Author says:

    Hi Noel, not yet, might release it although the code needs tidying up and commenting for sure

  • Simien says:

    Very clean and well done! Cheers

  • Javier says:

    Buenas Xavi,

    Acabo de descubrir esta extensión para Trello y la veo genial, visualmente lo mejora aún más. Sin embargo, tras un poco de uso me he encontrado con la curiosidad de que los atajos que utiliza ( los paréntesis, los corchetes para etiquetas, … ) se mantienen internamente en las tarjetas y eso hace que en la aplicación del móvil se vean tal cual. ¿Has pensado en que se eliminen para evitar verlas en otras apps de trello donde no esté disponible la extensión una vez creadas? No sé si esto sería posible.

    Saludos y de nuevo enhorabuena por tu trabajo :)

  • Ashok says:

    Hey Xavi, love this plugin! Any chance of getting a total of points and time consumed somewhere on the page. If you put the project on GitHub I’m happy to build this in for you

  • Tony says:

    Super-extension! Please do the same for Safari! Please please please!!!

  • Jim Ray says:

    Hi Xavi, love the plugin. Do you think it would be possible to port it to Safari? Or do you plan to release the code? If so, maybe I can take a pass at making it a safari extension.

  • Xavi Author says:

    Hola Javier, la idea es justamente esa. Que cuando lo mires desde el movil u otro ordenador puedas ver cuantos story points tienes, las tags, etc. En mi caso pongo las tags al principio y story points al final (ej: [design] Design the onboarding process (1/4)) y queda muy claro y tampoco molesta

  • Sina says:

    Custom selected colored tags would be great!

  • Ana Morales says:

    Hola! excelente idea! solo una consulta, actualmente uso un plugging de Trello en Chrome (el típico para incluir nuevas tareas), si instalo tu plugging, se verían afectadas las tarjetas que tengo actualmente? Gracias!

  • Xavi Author says:

    Hola Ana, no afecta en nada, mi plugin solo añade funcionalidades así que quédate tranquila que nada se borra :)

  • Adam Zíka says:

    Great tool! Btw. I found a bug. Tagging does not work correctly when “Plus for Trello” is installed. E.g. when I create a task “[UX] Create a website”, the tag is constantly changing between “UX” and “Create a website”.

  • Mat says:

    Hi, Very nice extension, kudos for your work. I have a question, is there a way to colorize the progress bar in another colors? At least to have of gradient.

  • Mauricio says:

    Hello, I used the plugin for many days, but today the “Progress Bars” don’t appear. Anybody had this problem before ?

  • Elena says:

    Hi, I have the same problem as Mauricio. Progress Bars doesn`t work any more :(

  • Teleco Furioso says:

    Xavi, arregla las barras de progreso anda, por favor

  • Teleco Furioso says:

    Disculpa Xavi, las barras de progreso funcionan correctamente.

  • Clay says:

    Well done! #100

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