Firefox Personal Tricks These little tricks are a bunch of really useful information I have been gathering from the Internet. Some of these stuff may only be intended for web developers although if you follow these advices, you’ll get a pretty cool, intuitive and fast Firefox as well as an incredibly improved surfing experience. There are some recommended […]

on July 30, 2008
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Remove the ‘Open in a New Window’ button

One of the best features in Firefox is Tabs. So why use windows? Two or three may be useful, but you may not use so much the ‘Open in a new window’ option to have it with the other common actions. Check out this neat tutorial to remove the ‘Open in new window’ option and save space and missclickings.

Decide when to open in a new tab or not

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Did you know that when clicking a link with the middle button -or the wheel- of the mouse, you force it to open in a new tab?
Having such an effective way to decide where to open the new link in Firefox makes it annoying when a webmaster forces you to open the link in another window. With this hyper-small Greasemonkey script YOU can decide if you want to open the link in the same tab or not (left click or middle click, simple!).

Optimize loading time

Follow this nice tutorial to optimize the loading time of Firefox 3.

Avoid the annoying Restore session dialog box

I nearly always want to restore the last tabs even when Firefox closed unproperly (if not, I would open it in Safe mode), so here is a trick to tell Firefox to avoid popping up the dialog box:

Auto restore previous session and tabs without prompting message box

  1. Type about:config in the browser
  2. Promise to be careful
  3. Find this row:
  4. Set it to True

Firefox extensions

Must-have extensions:

  • GreaseMonkey with some UserScripts allows you to enhance websites with scripts
  • AdBlock Plus removes all ads
  • Bugmenot allows you to bypass stupid registry forms
  • Download StatusBar to monitor your downloads status and keep surfing at the same time
  • Autofill forms to save some time by auto-filling web forms
  • Stop-or-Reload Button unifies Stop and Reload button into one (perfect for small screens)
  • PDF Download avoids the browser from loading PDF files inside and lets you download, view as a webpage…
  • StumbleUpon randomly shows you the best websites in the Internet
  • All-In-One Sidebar is a sidebar to access the addons, bookmarks, downloads, history and keep surfing
  • StatusBarEx shows realtime Firefox bandwith and CPU usage in the status bar (only for Windows)

For web developers:

  • Web Developer lets you tweak websites (edit CSS live, view forms info, render as mobile phone, ruler…)
  • FireBug lets you monitor and debug websites (HTML, JavaScript, Ajax calls and a lot more)
  • CSSViewer display CSS class, id and properties
  • ColorZilla the perfect color picker for Firefox
  • IETab to render websites with IE inside FF
  • User Agent Switcher to change your browser’s agent


  • NoScript is a bit annoying but keeps you secure
  • ArchView previews contents of a ZIP or RAR

You may also like:

Firefox Custom/Smart Keyword Search

This trick is awesome. You can search everywhere without having to go to that page, needs some preparation but it is really worth it.
There are tons of tutorials so I will link to them:

Firefox profile

The intention is to save the maximum screen resolution but still be able to access anywhere in 2 clicks.

Things Iā€™m buying on Amazon this week

[to be continued…]

Uninstalling Internet Explorer

If you are not a developer and don’t need to check cross-browsing issues and stuff like this and you have Firefox installed and customized to your own needs, why have Internet Explorer crappy buggy security hole? You may want to uninstall it. Google is full of resources and tuts on this.

All images are under under a Creative Commons license and found at Flickr.

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