BattleBit: Beginner’s tips for faster XP Tactics I have found that work surprisingly well to get your rank up in a few minutes and unlock stuff for a fairer gameplay

on December 28, 2023
(6 minute read)

I’ve started playing BattleBit on my free time these holidays and found out that the game’s progression is a bit unfair for new players since you need to unlock weapons, armor, add-ons and equipment. And it’s not just for cosmetic purposes, there’s a secondary gun, the Glock 18, that is fully-automatic and unlocks at level 100, up until then you are left with manual handguns which cannot compete with the Glock. Another example would be Sniper guns, these need to be manually reloaded losing your scope vision for a couple precious seconds that may make you lose your target.

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So here’s a quick guide on a few tactics I have found that work surprisingly well to get your rank up quickly and start unlocking stuff for a fairer gameplay. It will also help if you want to get Prestige quickly to unlock even more skins and look super fancy. Please note that some of these tips may be frowned upon, you may not be helping your team as much as you should with some of these tricks. Always be nice and follow server rules.

Initial Setup

Before getting into the battlefield, here’s some tips to configure your game settings.

  • Gameplay
    • Show FPS: ON
  • Video
    • Select Potato to start from the fastest defaults
    • Screen Scale: 125
    • Vertical Sync: off
    • Brightness: 125 to maximum
    • Field of View: 90 to 110, don’t go too high because you will get confused and see less from far away, if you have a small screen (laptop or less than 24″ then don’t increase too much, some players with 21″ actually keep their FOV at 80)
    • Vehicle FOV: 120
    • Screen Shake: 0
    • Shadows Enabled: either off or at minimum quality
    • Anti Aliasing: SMAA High
    • Render distance: 3000 to 4000
    • Image Effects: All off except Contrast Intensity at maximum
  • Controls
    • Reload Style: switch it to 1Tap->Drop
  • Keybindings
    • Map: TAB key
    • Score: = key
    • Drag: 3,
    • Disable Toggle Drag Players
    • Combine magazines: ` (key next to number 1)
    • Fire mode: some far away key
    • Magazine check: some far away key

Also, in Steam, change the in-game menu Shift+Tab hotkey to something else (like Control+Shift+F11, or the in-game may pop up at the worse time possible.

Beginner’s load-out

You can customize your load-out (weapons, equipment, etc.) only while inside a server. At the spawn screen you’ll find the Load-out button at the bottom left.

Start with the AK74 or M4A1 (or the MK20 at Rank 10 for longer distance combat).

Stick to few weapons, you need to increase the Kill count with each one to unlock add-ons (scopes and so on) for each one individually. There’s plenty of weapon guides around to help you choose one.

Unlock the Canted Sight of your weapon of choice as soon as possible so you get versatility when playing short-range and mid/long-range so you have both scopes and can switch between them (with mouse-up/down).

Rank up quickly

You want to increase your Rank as fast as possible to at least 45 (the PP19 unlocks) or 55 (the Groza unlocks) since this is what unlocks items in game (grappling hook, equipment, more weapons, etc).

Start as a Medic, equip very light armor so you can run fast, and connect on a huge 256 player server. Look for big groups of teammates, stay a few meters behind them and select the Medkit (number 5), then just keep reviving and bandaging by pressing 3 and right clicking. You’ll get 400 for each revive/bandage (and 100 for a heal) while a kill is 800 and is much harder when starting.

If there’s too many Medics, then go for Support and keep resupplying people. Support is great because you can gain from 50 up to 3000 XP per player sometimes. Look for Frontier map types or small maps like Tokyo that have a lot of choke points where teammates gather often. Also, go with the lightest armor possible, contrary to what you may think at first to go all juggernaut, it’s better to be able to move quickly from one group of soldiers to another one, and to be able to follow someone that’s running.

Winning a round gives you a huge XP bonus (usually 10,000-30,000 XP), so if you are playing in a team and not getting much luck earning XP, just leave for another server (you can’t switch teams while losing).

Whenever you find an abandoned vehicle, toss a grenade inside of it and destroy it, this gives you thousands of free XP.

When spawning, look for squad members that are in Bases that are about to be conquered (red or blue lines moving), if you are alive in one of them when it happens you will get 2,000 XP.

If you have a SMB or a weapon with big bullets, shoot at least once on enemy vehicles, specially helicopters so you get the assist bonus.

Find good places so your squad members can spawn on you, this gives you 400 XP for doing essentially nothing. Good places to be a good spawn point is to be slightly out of the main path between your base and the enemy base, in a triangle shape.

Specially at the start of a game, spawn inside the Helicopter or a vehicle, if the driver is a pro, you will get tons of conquer points just for being in the vehicle while he moves around bases and kills enemies, for which you also get Assist XP.

Do not Server-hop, usually players losing a match will leave the game, so when entering an already started game there’s a 9% chance you will join the losing team. Do your best and wait it out so on the next round you have a 50% chance you’ll win.

Global Weekly Challenges

After a while, go for the Global Weekly Challenges which will get you 50,000 XP on each challenge.

Repair 200 Vehicle HP

For the repair a vehicle’s 200 HP, get the repair tool equipped in your load-out, drive a vehicle to a calm zone and shoot it several times, then repair it. Do it until you get the 200 HP and you’ll get 50,000 XP in seconds

Complete 50 objectives

For the Complete 50 objectives, find a server with 14 players (it’s the minimum for a game to start) and simply run around conquering places. Maps are huge and you will hardly encounter battles. If you die, respawn on a contested spot that a member of your squad is already conquering to save some time.

Get 100 kills with Assault/Engineer class

For the 100 kills, there’s two theories:

  1. Don’t connect to massive servers with tons of people, you will quickly die since there’s just too much going on and all the pros are playing there. Sort the servers by user count and login into a 32vs32 or 64vs64 player server, it will be easier to get kills there.
  2. Go to the most crowded server and equip an SMG and the Lightest armor you can so that you are blazing fast. Then just run towards enemy bases and once you are at 100-200m, flank the enemy and go Rambo-style. You will die a lot, but as long as you get 2 kills you will be winning the round and completing the challenge quickly. I’m currently playing this way and it is actually more fun too.

Get 20 kills with Pistols

You may want to rank up a bit so new handguns unlock, then go for a revolver or something with huge damage because on a 1v1, unless you hit hard you will always lose.

Some final random tips

Use the Space bar to deploy, you will get back to the game faster and waste less time clicking around the map.

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Remember to change your monitor/TV settings to Gaming or Presentation mode, I always have the Blue Filter and Eco modes on my screen and I wasn’t seeing enemies nor important details in the game.

By the way, following these tips I reached Rank 100 in 30 hours of gameplay, it’s been a pain in the ass but I can now choose nearly any weapon in the game to start increasing kills and unlocking improvements.

Tier list of weapons

diet69dr420pepper @ reddit

  • Tier S: P90 (Rank 125), MP5 (90), FAL (140)
  • Tier A: AK5C (145), Vector (70), AK74 (0), M4A1 (0), MP7 (0), Groza (55)
  • Tier B: AK15 (15), HK416 (135), G36C (120), PP19 (45)
  • Tier C: everything else

tonomrwong@youtube (link)

Primary weapons
  • Tier S: M200, P90 (125), FAL (140), M110, MP7, ScorpionEvo (with vertical grip), L86A1 (it got nerfed)
  • Tier A, B, C & D: everything else
  • Tier S: Glock 18
  • Tier A: MP 443
  • Tier C: Desert Eagle
  • Tier D: Unica, M9, USP, RSH12

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