[Guide] Apocalyptic MMORPG Telegram Survival Game Apocalyptic is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game played through the Telegram chat. You don’t need to download anything at all and you can play from your phone or computer, awesome! You awake alone in the middle of a road in what seems to be a post-apocalyptic world. Your mission is to survive by […]

on August 25, 2019
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Apocalyptic is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game played through the Telegram chat. You don’t need to download anything at all and you can play from your phone or computer, awesome!

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You awake alone in the middle of a road in what seems to be a post-apocalyptic world. Your mission is to survive by finding food and moving around encountering creatures and other survivors. The game favors realism to fantasy: items weight their load and expire or break over time, animals can be very dangerous and may target you at first sight, others will flee when you need food the most…

To play it, click here and follow the steps: t.me/ApocalypticGameBot

Here’s a few tips and hints on how to play:


The most important thing of the game is to Walk, walking will move you to new places where you will discover new items and creatures. Some places have better items, such as military bases but can also be dangerous with raiders roaming around.

You are constantly roaming and resources are too scarce to build a base. Note that once you leave a place, you can never go back to it so grab anything you want before leaving!

When at Rivers or Lakes, your player will drink automatically but you need to remember to fill your empty water bottles!


There’s many items in the game, the most important ones are:

  • Weapons: knifes, pistols, hammers…
  • Equipment: hiking boots, large backpack…
  • Food and drink: meat, apples, water bottles…
  • Healing: bandages and syringes… Found in Hospitals, Clinics, etc.

It is good to know that consumable items improve more than just one thing. For example, a banana will not only cure some hunger but also provide Stamina, an Orange provides food but also hydrates you, pills will provide tons of stamina and a bit of healing but will make you thirsty, etc.

Most raw items can be used instantly, the player will cook them and eat them instantly, but for Raw rice for example, you need a Water bottle to boil it.

Nearly every item, specially food will expire/break over time, some sooner than others. Fish and seafood go bad really fast so eat them quickly.

Always grab as many weapons as possible, you never know when they will break!

Some items have special abilities:

  • Firecrackers: Makes all creatures run away from the place.
  • Bombs: Can only be used during a battle and will destroy the enemy, it is the most powerful weapon in the game, it is rare to find and has only one use.
  • Fishing Rods: Remember you can only use them when at rivers, lakes and oasis.
  • Candles and Flashlights: Allow you to see better in dark places, without them you will perform worse during battles.
  • Diamonds: Can be sold for a good price.
  • Hiking Boots: You will spend 30% less stamina when walking.

Some items don’t do anything or can only be sold, so unless they are extremely rare, don’t carry them with you if they are heavy.


Every now and then you will find merchants which are super helpful for two things:

  • Buy any items you may need, specially bandages and syringes.
  • Get rid of anything you don’t need and earn some coins.


There are many creatures in the game and you will find different ones depending on where you are.

Some creatures will ignore you but others may attack you, specially carnivore and aggressive animals. Creatures may also flee when hurt or scared, such as Rabbits, they will run away if you take too long to kill them.


One thing to note in Battles is that you don’t need to equip anything, the player does it at its own judgement, the only thing you need to choose is if you want to attack offensively or defensively.

Remember what I said about this game being realistic? Do not attack huge creatures until you have great weapons and equipment! It goes without saying, if you were ever in the wild and wanted to attack a bull with your bare hands you wouldn’t end well… Same if you are in low health, even a pig can kill you! If you are weak or don’t have good equipment and get attacked by a dangerous animal, let’s say, a crocodile, flee! Don’t try and be a hero! On the other hand, if a leopard is attacking you, your chance to flee are scarce…

While battles are turn-based, both opponents attack simultaneously (even when one of them dies, the other opponent gets hurt too), so be careful.

You won’t start seeing other players until you reach level 3, once you reach that level you will encounter them. It is your choice to attack them or not. On rarely occasions they will attack you directly.

  • Attack: Attacking will deal damage to your opponent.
    You can lose weapons or they can break at any time so it is wise to carry a few of them with you.
    Each turn you can choose how to attack:

    • Offensive: Will use the weapon with the highest Attack stat in your inventory, both to attack and to defend.
    • Defensive: Will use the weapon with the highest Defense stat in your inventory to attack and to defend.
  • Use item: you can use any item in your Inventory to heal, eat or drink. This will waste a turn though.
  • Flee: Both opponents can use a turn and try to escape, the success of it depends on the opponent (cows are relatively easy to escape, tigers are not!). When fleeing you will walk to another place and lose everything left behind. Also remember that while you can fight without Stamina, you can’t flee without it.

It is important to note that during a battle, even checking your inventory or your stats will waste a turn so keep track of what you have!

If you find a pistol or a very good weapon, try not to use it with easy creatures or you may waste it, so keep attacking defensively.


If your health goes to zero you faint. Dying/Fainting will disable you from doing anything in the game, the only thing you can do then is Rest, wait a few minutes until you regain some Health. Your Stamina, Hunger and Thirst will be affected and you will lose half the experience progress towards the next level which for higher levels is a pain if you are close to the next level.

When dying to players they may steal items from your Inventory, you will also steal something from them if you win.


If you are close to your weight limit you will lose Stamina faster and become hungry sooner, don’t overload yourself. Once you get tired, you will need to wait to recover some stamina, eat food (specially fruits and sugars) or take a pill (great Stamina and Health recover).

You can actually grab more items than your maximum weight but you won’t be able to Walk.

Weapons and items break or expire, some do sooner. Also, some weapons have only one or two uses, such as firecrackers, bombs or bricks.


Resting is a vital part of the game, to rest, you simply need to do nothing. Approximately every minute you don’t do anything (not even checking your stats/inventory!) you will regain Health and Stamina. During a battle you cannot rest though so finish any battles you are in before going to sleep IRL.

Join the game!

Playing controls are easy, just click the buttons that appear or type it in directly, for example: “look egg”, “eat egg”, etc.

To play it, click here and follow the steps: t.me/ApocalypticGameBot

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