Pokémon GO Advanced Strategy, Tricks and Tips Guide Professional tips and strategy guide for playing Pokémon GO that will get you leveling ultra fast and beating Gyms like a boss.

on August 29, 2016
(4 minute read)

Here’s some advanced tips for playing Pokémon GO that will get you leveling ultra fast and beating Gyms like a boss, I assume you already know how to play, have caught tons of Pokémons and already battled some Gyms…

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Transfer to the Professor all your low CP Pokémon that won’t fight in a Gym but leave 1 of each so you can check on the evolve status, this will help in two ways: to make sure you don’t run out of space and can’t catch Pokémons when you most need to, and to clear up your Pokémon list, which will speed up the App so it runs smoother, specially if you have a slow phone.

Save your Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, Incense, Candies… Everything! For special occasions such as Massive EXP Gains that I’ll explain later.

Focus on gaining EXP until you get to level 20

Pokémon GO doesn’t work like the old game, leveling up is the best way to get stronger Pokemons. So don’t bother trying anything else than focusing on experience. Hatch your 2km eggs first as they give you 500 EXP quicker. Catch the same Pokemons all the time, and don’t worry about their CP, you want to be able to evolve as many times as possible since that gives great amounts of EXP.

Hatch eggs without moving

When you are at home or any other place which has a roof, the GPS works a bit wonky and tries to relocate continuously, finding and loosing satellites as they appear and disappear from your phone’s reception. This will give an inaccurate location in Pokémon GO and move you around a few meters every time. When you are doing something else than playing Pokémon GO, connect your phone to the charger and set the screen timeout to Infinite, then leave it there. If your player doesn’t move at all, try placing the phone where there are more walls and thicker ceiling.

Get free Pokémon money

Did you know that every 21 hours you can claim 10 cash and some Stardust from each Gym that you own? Go to the Shop and click on the top right button that says Collect. Set an alarm to 21 hours so you don’t forget.

Clear up items

Always keep an eye on your backpack so it doesn’t get full. Specially when you are about to Level up, get rid of Pokéballs and see if you can use them in your wounded Pokémonbefore getting rid of normal Potions.

Catch all Pokémons, even if you have them already

I see some players that ignore low-level Pokémons that spawn very often. That’s a huge mistake! While you won’t use them to battle, you get 100+ EXP every time and you can then sell them for Candy which will eventually add up to Evolve, one of the best ways to level up.

Use PokéVision to detect wild Pokémons

It’s the best tool out there right now.

Disable AR Camera

It is fun and all, but drains your phone’s battery and makes it more difficult to catch Pokémons.

Choose the Red team

I made the mistake of choosing the Yellow team and you want to be on the team where most people are. It is mostly beneficial because you can train and put your Pokémons in the Gym and gain Experience and Collect coins.

Do not waste Stardust

Do not spend Stardust powering up Pokémons until it’s the occasion (i.e. when you need to battle a Gym). When you Power up you also use Candy and you should save Candy for Evolving and Stardust. Save the Stardust for when you get to higher levels, it gets grueling and tedious to level up and get tougher Pokémons. The only exception is when you are about to battle a Gym and you need that little extra push to beat it.

Massive EXP Gaining session

It takes 30-35 minutes, and during these 30 minutes you are going to do everything that gains Experience: Evolving, Catching Pókemons and stopping at PokéStops.

Getting ready

  • Do it just before your incubated eggs are about to hatch.
  • Check what Pokémons can be evolved and make a list.
  • Find a good place where there’s two or three PokéStops close to each other, preferably a park.
  • If there is a Gym close, much better.
  • Go with friends, it will be easier to spot wild Pokémons, share Lure Modules and Incense and beat Gyms.
  • Heal/Revive all your Pokémons
  • Clear up as much space from your backpack and from your Pokémon list as possible

What you want to accomplish is to do as many things as you can that get you experience while the Lucky Egg is working.

Go go go!

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Activate the Lure Module/s, Incense and Lucky Egg. Now the fun starts, you got 30 minutes to do all these as many times as possible:

  • Keep an eye at all PokéStops and keep collecting free stuff and EXP (100EXP)
  • Catch as many Pokémon as possible (100 to 700EXP)
  • Walk around to hatch incubated eggs, use PokéVision to walk smartly from one Pokémon to another instead of just wandering around
  • Evolve all your Pokémons while walking from one wild Pokémon to another
  • Battle at the Gym (500 to 5,000EXP)
  • Collect your free money when you conquer the Gym!

On each session you can expect to gain between 10,000 and 40,000 EXP.

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