TwentyFive: Time Tracking web app TwentyFive is a minimal time tracking tool that teaches you the Pomodoro technique, time management and productivity strategies by simply using the app.

on December 12, 2014
(2 minute read)

TwentyFive is a free time tracking app and online software for freelancers, employees and professionals that will help you be more productive by teaching you the Pomodoro Technique without even realising it or having to read and learn about it.

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TwentyFive has an extremely minimal interface which will only give you¬†one choice¬†at a time (sometimes two). That’s the main idea of TwentyFive, to help you record your time following the Pomodoro Technique without the need to learn what the next step is, how to do pomodoros and such.

The app will guide you into finishing your tasks in a productive way. And when stress is over your shoulder and¬†you don’t feel like following the Pomodoro Technique at all, don’t worry, the app¬†is there to help you and will let you do it your way. For example, once you work for¬†25 minutes straight into a task the app will let you know and advice you to take a quick break…¬†Although you can keep working for longer if needed.

The purpose of TwentyFive is to encourage you to follow a healthy productivity methodology and not to force you in any way.

TwentyFive’s user experience¬†is designed to get you working on one task at a time, there’s no multiple timers and countdowns, just one so you can focus.

TwentyFive for Android

TwentyFive WebApp

You can also drag and drop this bookmarklet [TwentyFive] to your browser’s bookmarks bar and the app will open in a standalone window.


Starting a task

When opening the app you will be able to start a task, no need to type what you will be working on, just start working on it and you’ll specify it later.

Pausing a task

You will notice there is no Pause button, once you start a Pomodori (25-minute work interval) if you get interrupted or need to start a different task you either stop the timer or start a new one, in the Pomodoro Technique there are no pauses. TwentyFive will inherently teach you not to interrupt or multitask.

Editing a task once it’s saved

No, you can’t. You either delete it or leave it. While this may sound unpractical, the fact that many tools allow you to modify and fix stuff means you can be loose and carefree¬†on how you spend your time “because i can change it later“.¬†Forbidding you from editing/fixing means you will be more conscious on how you really spend your time and help you prioritize on what really matters.

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TwentyFive works in all modern desktop browsers on Windows, Apple and Linux and mobile phones. You can also install it as a web app in your phone by accessing the URL and then adding it to your Home screen. When opening the app in your desktop or laptop computer you should enable notifications so TwentyFive can let you know when timers end.

Open TwentyFive app

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