Best Spotify Open Playlists (reggae, techno, pop, indie, jazz…)

on December 8, 2009
(2 minute read)

After using Spotify for a while and starting to use it as much as (another great online radio) I have been creating several playlists of my favourite music genres. These playlists are alive, I am constantly adding new tracks I find interesting.

Spotify playlist Spotify Playlists

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Visit the full Spotify Playlists here.

More Spotify playlists comming soon…

Simple Cloud Hosting Built for Developers

There are more playlists available but still with a few songs in it. Once they reach a decent amount of songs I’ll be publishing them.

Spotify Lyrics Plugin

Check out ListeningNow, a Spotify Lyrics Plugin that doesn’t require installation and works in Windows, Mac and Linux.

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