Hide & Obfuscate Google AdSense publisher ID (Online Tool)

on February 20, 2013
(1 minute read)

Did you know that anyone can detect all the websites you own just because of the ads you have in them? With this tool you can hide your AdSense publisher ID.

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Any competitor can find out what websites you own or are working on just by pasting your Publisher ID in some spying tools which could be a massive disaster for your businesses. Unfortunately, the Google AdSense team has been ignoring this and hasn’t updated the code to solve this issue yet although many clients have been complaining about this for years. The following generator will hide your AdSense publisher ID without altering its functionality and should camouflage you from 99% of the AdSense publisher ID detectors out there.

Google doesn’t seem to care so it’s going to be on its clients to find ways to avoid those pesky AdSense publisher ID detectors from spying our websites!

Disclaimer: Google AdSense’s Terms Of Service  state that you can’t edit the code they provide but we are keeping the functionality intact so there should be no problem. Although the tool works and doesn’t change any functionality of the AdSense code, it may not work with some bots. You are the only responsible for any economic loss, damage or anything else. I provide this for educational purposes and free of charge and am not responsible for any consequences whatsoever. Always test the code in your website once implemented and keep an eye on it for the next days to ensure that everything is fine.

AdSense publisher ID hider/obfuscator tool

Paste your AdSense publisher code here to generate an obfuscated version of it, then use that one in your website instead:

Original AdSense Code
Obfuscated AdSense Code
Obfuscated code will load here…

Feedback, comments?

Got a better solution? The codes above doesn’t work? Please leave a message in the comments and I’ll look into it.

You may also find interesting How to Detect and Block Adblock to create a fallback when users hide your ads.

Photo by Jean Yves

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  • Ivan Ahumada says:

    Google Adsense no permite editar el código original del post, hay que dejarlo como ellos te lo dan, ya que pueden inhabilitarte la cuenta.


  • John says:

    Hi Bro, since few days I can’t use your tool, could you please tell me when it will available ?
    Thanks a lot

  • Xavi Author says:

    Hi John, thanks for noticing. It’s fixed now :)

  • Ravi says:


    i want to use your Hide & Obfuscate Google AdSense publisher ID (Online Tool) how can i get the tool and how can i use can you give me instruction about your tool


  • Tom says:

    Tool isnt working for me

  • Alex says:

    Hey mate,

    The tool is currently not working. Could you please have a look?


  • Xavi Author says:

    UPDATE: I’ve fixed the tool for those having issues, let me know of any further problems. Cheers :)

  • Ji says:

    is it allowed to obfuscate ?

  • Theo says:

    Hi Xavi, can this new code be obfuscated? It gets at error here…

    (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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