Awesome trick to remember thousands of different passwords

on February 25, 2012
(1 minute read)

Here’s a very cool technique to remember unique passwords for each website or service that you access while keeping them super secure. So no need to worry about either having to remember 10 different passwords or using the same password for all the online accounts you have.

The way it works is pretty straight forward, every time you refresh the page The Human Password Generator it generates a short list of steps you need to remember that will generate very secure passwords on every different website… sounds good? Check it yourself in one click:

The Human Password Generator

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Click the Refresh button until you find nice looking passwords and print the page to keep it very safe. It is just a piece of paper so you can hide it very well nearly anywhere. I would also recommend to change all your passwords once every 6 months (imagine you kept your password combination in a book and one your day your sister accidentally sold it).

You can also just keep the URL that’s at the bottom of the website, it stores the exact combination that you have.

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