Kohana 3.2 Documentation all-in-one PDF, ePub and HTML formats

on February 24, 2012
(1 minute read)

Kohana’s official documentation is pretty complete and useful as well as well written. I have been studying it for a few days but wanted to read the tutorials also whenever I had no Internet connectivity. Searching on the Internet for PDFs or ePubs on Kohana didn’t really show much so I developed a little tool that extracts the official documentation and outputs it in one single file so you can read the official Kohana guide anywhere anytime.

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You can download the documentation both in ePub, PDF and HTML formats. The ePub format does not have the images in it (I used an online tool and it removed them, there aren’t a lot anyway) but works great in the iPad, Kindle and Android tablets.

Kohana 3.2 Documentation in PDF format (mirror) (3.3MB)

Kohana 3.2 Documentation in ePub format (mirror) (240KB)

Kohana 3.2 Documentation in HTML format (mirror) (310KB)

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I have done my best with the crawling tool but it hasn’t been 100% tested so some sections may have been skipped, please let me know in the comments if that’s the case.

Thanks to all the contributors to the Kohana Documentation, as I am still learning Kohana accept this as my little contribution to the framework :)

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