Unida Place (Simplicity Flatshares) is the WORST AGENCY in London

on September 27, 2011
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Unida Place (now Simplicity Flatshares) is the worst agency I’ve ever had the chance to deal with in London. They target students, young professionals and foreigners because they are usually naive and don’t know about UK laws or what exactly their rights are regarding a tenancy. I’ve been dealing with Unida Place for the last 7 months and I could write a list of more than a hundred issues me and my former flatmates have had with them. In fact, from the 8 other people I know they’ve dealt with this agency, 7 of them have finished their contract before time and ran away from them… and the only one left was me, not for pleasure though…

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Starting by their abusing fees on deposit, late payments and services, Unida Place agency is one of the most expensive ones in the UK charging premium rates to housing students and professionals for a low quality service and customer experience.

Don’t be fooled, they act in a friendly way and try to be ‘cool’ with you while trying to sell you but once you have signed the contract you are chained to it and they will play around with you at their will, they will charge you for hidden fees and take weeks to reply to your emails or calls.

Unida Place review

Two months before my contract was to end they wanted to increase my rent by up to £200 per month which was completely out of order and I told I was leaving. So they started arranging visits to my room while I was away without notifying me at all. The UK law clearly states that current tenants should be notified at least 48 hours before any viewings of the flat. Once I told they should ask my permission before coming, they would consistently abuse sending texts and I had to agree to each of the visits since one of the contract terms stated that you must keep paying the rent if they cannot find anyone else to replace you when you leave. They had to arrange more than 10 visits to the flat since everyone visiting it expected something much better for the price they where asking. Londoners and other smart flatmates would run away from them until Unida Place could find a confused foreigner who just arrived to the country or a needed young person seeking for something urgently who quickly signed their terrible contract without knowing that the agency was literally taking the piss out of them.

During my stay with them I have seen my former flatmates get abused, some of them where just staying in London for a few months before going back to their countries and they couldn’t take legal action and some couldn’t even be bothered by lack of time or money. One of my flatmates started living in the flat in January and they charged him the water setup done in December valued in hundreds of pounds. They also tried to add old debts from former flatmates in our Utility Bills and whenever we asked to see a copy of the receipts they would charge £8 extra for sending them through.

Leaving the agency was a nightmare too

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If you find yourself being abused by Unida Place you can contact the London Council and they will help and protect you from them as well as provide free legal advice.

There are many alternatives to Unida Place from which you can find better rooms at way less expensive prices and with much better service. Start browsing SpareRoom.co.uk but be careful because Unida Place advertises their properties there.

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