Tremulous different Command types and the Team unbalance

on December 11, 2009
(1 minute read)

The callvotes

There are two kind of commands in Tremulous. The chat commands like !help, !register, !info… and the console commands like \team, \disconnect, \m, \me, \follow, \kill… and of course \donate, \share and \callvote.

These last ones, the console commands, need to be performed through the console (the console is a kind of MS-DOS that scrolls up and down) by pressing the key at the left of number 1 (it may differ depending on your keyboard setup).

Tremulous waiting queue (or the damn team unbalance)

Ooooh! Yes I know what’s that! You want to play hummies but it’s full. And people keep entering before you can even click. Here’s the trick:

Tip 1:

Do a bind for it: \bind k "team humans"

And keep pressing the key twice per second. You can even declare it in-game through the console.

Tip 2:

Ok, so you can’t get your rifle. Whatever you do, do not ever say “can anyone join aliens?“, remember that there is a bunch of starving people also waiting for someone to go aliens. Saying that will denote your impatience and will reinforce other spectators to keep waiting until YOU join aliens. If anyone of them was about to choose aliens, he/she’ll wait.

Most people want to win, so say things like “aliens are pwning humans!“, “this map is for aliens“, “human team is feeding lol“, “hahah aliens are near s3” or “aliens are owning this round“.

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