Apple’s iPod missing features (or feature requests) See the battery state while recharging

on September 22, 2008
(2 minute read)

Although iPod devices have one of the best OS at the moment, there are some tweaks that could be improved IMHO.

Enable iPod buttons while connected and playing iTunes

If the iPod is connected to the computer, it would be great to skip songs, pause them or change volume through iPod buttons.

Play by rating through the iPod

Why I can rate my songs but can’t play them later by its rating? Alternative solution: Plug your device to a computer, turn it on, go to iTunes, create a new playlist, order iPod music by rating, add songs to the playlist you just created.

Play Count is not optimized in iPod

The Play Count of a song is only increased when hearing a song completely. That means that if you skip the last seconds of a song, it will not count as heard. It is really usual to skip the last part of a song. Last.fm has the scrobbling feature in which you can customize the percentage of song listened to count it as heard.

Play songs while connected to the computer

Ok, during disk mode it can’t be playing (well it could but lets ignore this). But it is frustrating that the iPod gets “blocked” while connected. Can’t do anything, neither access the configuration.
Alternative solution: To play songs while charging battery read this other post that talks about how to play songs while charging your battery.

Annoying waiting screen when ejecting iPod

When ejecting the iPod, a “OK to disconnect” message appears and doesn’t let you get rid of it. You just need to wait 5-10 seconds until it disappears.

Delete songs through the iPod

This may not be really necessary but it can be useful to keep a good music library tidy or if you don’t have access to iTunes easily.

iPod pauses when audio is unplugged but doesn’t play when audio is plugged again

It is nice to auto-pause, but an auto-play would be amazing.

Homebrew games for iPod inside original OS (no iPod Linux, Rockbox…)

Haven’t really investigated on this but I could only find text games.

iPod dependancy with iTunes

Thank God we have alternatives. Interested? Have a look at the iTunes alternatives.

Lock button is really damn unergonomic

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Is it me? I mean, it is so difficult to lock the iPod…

Of course, we could ask for open source OS, use of XML or Linux compatibility, but we know that they won’t even think about it.

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