The Human Password Generator

The Human Password Generator

This is an easy trick to remember thousands of different secure passwords that you can use in any website on the Internet based on simple combinations. Follow these steps to find the unique password of each website:

  1. Get the domain name of the website
    (without the protocol, subdomain or extension, for it would be google)
  2. Use the symbol '|' three times for all combinations
  3. Type in the day when you where born
    (lets use 18 for the examples)
  4. Type in the odd letters (1, 3, 5...) of the domain
    (for google it would be gol)
  5. Repeat steps on any passwords shorter than 8 characters
    (too easy or difficult? Generate a new combination until you like it)



Recovery key

Print this page (website optimized for printing) and store it in a safe place. If you ever forget the combination just access this URL:|||&a=step_common_symbol,step_yourday,step_letters_alternate,

Keep it private! Anyone can recover your combination (and passwords) by typing the URL in any browser.

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Further notes