Hey guys
This is a free and customizable teleprompter to help presentators look straight at the camera while reading a speech.
You can find all the controls at the bottom to customize speed, font size, line height and screen margin. To edit this text just press the Stop button at the bottom left and while it is paused you can modify this text you are reading right now.
If at any time you want to read this text again, delete everything and refresh the page.
Anything you write gets saved automatically so if you refresh the page it will still be here.
The controls at the bottom of the screen can be used by an operator or yourself during the presentation, and you can also use your keyboard: Space bar plays and pauses the animation, Left and Right arrows increase and decrease the speed, and Up and Down arrows move the text up and down a bit. You can also scroll with your mouse or drag and drop on your phone.
You can add bold and italics by pressing Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I (Command key in Mac).
When pasting text from somewhere, if it gets a wrong format, try pasting it with the Paste and Match Style option.
This Teleprompter is responsive to every device screen and works great on mobile phones, you can add it to your home screen and it will become a 100% free no-ads full-screen mobile teleprompter that can work vertically and horizontally, try it out.
So now that you know how it works, let me give you a quick tip:
When you are ready to record the video, get as much distance as technically possible from the camera, the eye reading movement will become less noticeable, then greatly increase font size and reduce margin accordingly.
That's all my friend, good luck with your video. Delete this text and start your own adventure!
Best, Xavi

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